How to Look for a Job After Completing College

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Begin searching for a job before entering your senior year of college. You don�t need to start putting job applications in just yet though. Job searching for now will suffice. You want to get an idea of what is out there and what to expect when you are ready to start applying. This will also give you time to study and research on the companies that are out there in the field you are preparing for while in college.

This will also give you an idea of what requirements are needed from you in order to obtain the position you desire. You can do your research on the internet, newspaper want ads and even by word of mouth. You can also schedule a tour of the company if you want to really get into your research. Sometimes college libraries have research materials and information on companies who hire. This is more geared towards colleges that specialize in certain fields. Also, look into the career center at your college, if they have one.

Your Cover Letter and Resume

Your References

Applying for a Job

Graduated and Jobless

How to Successfully Complete a Job Application

How to Get a Job

Some questions that you might be asked:


Life Decisions: This Career or that Career?


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