The Pacific Beach Serial Rapist Murders Volume 3

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I had to decide what to wear and then I got an idea. Jeremy was no longer around to get me ready to go out, I had let him go when Nathan had his own staff members start to take care of me. �I want you to get me ready to go out tonight.� I said to him as I straddled his lap.

He thought for a moment and replied, �I think that would be a magnificent idea!� He said with a bigger grin.

We went upstairs to my big walk-in closet filled with dresses from every hot designer that was available. I had a separate closet for my shoes and purses. A few days ago Nathan had returned from a business trip in Paris and had brought me back a lot of sexy lingerie, panties, bras and stockings with garters. I went to my drawer and opened it and told Nathan to pick out my panties, bra and stockings for me to wear for that night.

He picked out a silk and lace pair of panties with the matching bra that went with it. He then pulled out a pair of black silk thigh high stockings with satin garters. He laid them out on the table for me in the closet.

Nathan then walked into my closet and pulled out a tight pink and black silk dress with a plunging back and cut low enough in the front to see a good amount of my cleavage from my ample breasts. I hadn't worn that dress yet, it was still in the plastic wrap from the boutique where Nathan had bought it for me the week we had met. It was the first dress he had bought for me on his own and brought it home to surprise me.

I thought it was ironic that I would be wearing the first dress he had bought to go out to lure a young hot guy to me.


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