Spring Break Adventures: Karen and Susan Take On Two Submissive Co-eds, Volume 3

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The next afternoon the girls woke up and cleaned the beach house, nude and only in high heels, of course. It took them a couple of hours to have the place spotless. Karen was impressed with the way Brenda and Kelly cleaned her home that she gave the girls the rest of the afternoon and evening off to do whatever they would like to. The girls decided to get some sun on the beach and relax. The next morning Karen went to the doorway of the girl's rooms and at 9:00 am sharp told the girls that it was time to get up and meet her downstairs. They groggily woke up and rubbed their eyes.

"And wear the outfits I have laid on each of your chairs."

Brenda looked over at her outfit on her chair. It was a red thong bikini bottom with a matching string bikini top. Kelly's was in pink. The girls got out of bed and put on their bikinis with the matching heels that were on the chair with them. The girls then went downstairs to meet Karen and Susan in the kitchen. Before the girls sat down for breakfast, Karen told them to stay standing. "Turn around, I want to check your sexy bodies out." The girls turned slowly and Karen and Susan nodded their heads in approval.


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