This is a brand new shop and I will be adding more copper items as time permits. I will slowly lower my prices on all items until they sell, so please keep an eye on your favorite items because someone else might get them too
If you want more than 1 item, you can just add them to your cart, and if the shipping is more, I will put everything in one box, and then I will get the actual shipping cost once I pack up the box and weigh it, then I can refund you the over shipping charges so you don't have to over pay, I find this is the best way to give you a deal. If for example it all ads up to $20 for shipping, but I can ship it for only $10, I will give you a shipping refund, so pick out the items you want, and don't worry about shipping!
I have not figured it out yet, but if you want more than 1 item, You just pay the cost of the shipping on the largest shipping cost item, and any other items you get I will not charge you for shipping, all the shipping will be free after the first item. You can email me thru here if you want me to set something up, as I'm pretty new here, and still trying to figure it out, but buy 3 or 4 items, and pay only the highest shipping cost, and then save money. I'm also going thru my item pages and lowering the prices consistently so that items will start moving. So if you see something you really like, you should get it, it might be gone the next time you look at it.
I spend most of my time doing my book business, paperback, digital and audio, I sell them on 15 sites the last I updated this, so please check some of them out under Vince Stead, or www.Fun2ReadBooks.com or www.VinceStead.com.
I can pretty much pack things up and get them out the next day, unless I have to go to UPS, and that is more work than the post office, so I can go their twice a week, and drop off at the post office slot box 24 hours, but usually the next day for me, still have to pack it up nicely for you, I don't want anything to break. One time I sent my seabag when I was in the navy overseas, I shipped my seabag and a bottle of the cologne or aftershave I had in their broke, and all my uniforms and everything smelled like that when it showed up to the ship, so don't want that again to happen to anyone!
Today, July 22nd, my birthday too is today, born 1963, and I got some cards in the mail from my family from Michigan, as I'm the only one that moved out of state 30 something years ago when I joined the navy in 1982. I got some cards, but one of them I opened up, was from an Etsy customer, not a birthday car, like I just assumed it was, but this woman had written me a note inside a nice card, with 2 pictures of her kitchen, showing her nice quality copper decorations she had hung up in her kitchen, nice looking kitchen too. She told me she had been looking for a certain mold she used to have, but it was not in good shape, she saw one of mine and ordered, said she appreciated I mailed it so fast to her, I pick the 3 day thing, just in case, but I try to mail out the same day or next morning. But in the year 2016, everything is digital and online these days, I thought that card and pictures were so nice, just so amazing people still do that, what such a nice person!
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