From Film Student to Dungeon Mistress

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After I dried myself off, I rubbed baby powder all over my body – trick of the trade. It helps slide the dress on and it helps to keep you from sweating in the vinyl. Taking the dress down off the hangar, I smelled its rubbery scent. It creaked slightly in my hands as I held it. I pulled it on, each leg easing gradually into the dress. The feeling over it slowly engulfing my legs was erotic, like I was beginning to make love to my dress. I felt myself get wet between my legs. I pull it higher up my legs, seeing them disappear inside, feeling my legs stretching it slightly, admiring how it brings out the voluptuous tone of my body. As I pull it up over my hips, I feel it come to press against me. I was enjoying putting the dress on a bit more than you'd expect someone would. I slide the dress upwards, squeezing myself inside it, constricting me, restraining me, making me work for what I want.


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