How to Take Care of & Raise your Thoroughbred Horse

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You can learn how to understand and train your Thoroughbred Horse to be good, and learn some general helpful advice on horse care and nice living conditions for your horse.  
1. The Characteristics of Thoroughbred Horse 
2. How to Saddle a Horse  
3. How to Muck out a Horse Corral 
4. How to Raise a Pony 
5. How a Bit, Harness and Reins Work 
6. How to Use a Hoof Pick 
7. What Kind of Shelter does your Horse Need? 
8. How to Use a Round Pen 
9. The Best Ways to Keep Flies of your Horse 
10. The Different Kinds of Horse Saddles 
11. How a Cow Horse Performs 
12. How Horseshoeing is Done 
13. How to Enter your Horse in Shows and Rodeos 
14. Nice Safe Toys for Horses to Play With 
15. How to Break and Train your Horse 
16. How to Clean a Horse Stall 


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