The San Diego Homeless Murders Volume 2

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I already did my twenty one years of service in the Military. I’m thirty-nine years old. I retired out of the military, and spent all of the money that I had saved up throughout my entire time in the Marines, to buy these buildings because I can’t stand seeing homeless people, with nowhere to turn. I have sponsors and donations to help me keep it running, and to keep paying my staff, on top of my monthly checks I still get for my years of service. I have so much to tell you. First, let me introduce you to Billy. Rewind only 3 months, and I was sitting at my desk and just beginning to enjoy a lunch. That’s actually a joke, even though I am retired, there’s no lunch breaks for me. There is a hour period I call lunch, and all that is meant for, is to prepare myself for the oncoming cases, and review the cases I already had that morning, to make sure that I didn't miss anything. Suddenly, a young man, I guessed to be in his early twenties, barged in the door of my office. “Sir, please I have to speak with you, it’s an emergency. It’ll only take a minute…” he began. I could tell right away he wasn't like my normal clients. He looked fairly clean to be a homeless man. He was close to 6’0, and didn't weigh very much at all. He had brown hair, brown eyes, a handsome man, I guess… I really don’t go around judging other men. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a dark t-shirt. Most homeless wear dark shirts because you can’t tell how dirty their clothes really are. “I’m sorry sir, I tried to stop him!! Sir, you have to leave right now…” my secretary Linda came running in behind him. Her face flushed from getting excited and running after him. She was a very loyal woman who came to me for help when she was going through a hard time. She had a new born, and her abusive husband had kicked the both of them out on the streets. I ended up hiring her on as my full time secretary, and she now has a wonderful home of her own that she’s buying.


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