The San Diego Homeless Murders Volume 3: He Attacks the Homeless in San Diego

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The medical examiner told him that he found and examined the maggots that were embedded in the body. “Four days? There’s no possible way? They had to have been out in that desert longer. Those bodies…” his voice trailed off thinking about what they looked like tied to that cactus. “What’s the cause of death?” Richard was a veteran officer and he had seen many things in his career. Nothing prepared him though, for what he heard next. He sat down his bagel down and pulled out his notebook. “So you’re telling me, that you believe these first two people have been skinned alive? I mean, that’s the only possible way. If the animals would have gotten him, they would have taken chunks, taking parts of his body.” The term they most often call was flaying. The reasons why people die after being flayed is that they would go into shock. Plus, they would of course lose blood and other body fluids, and get hypothermia. Our skin is our biggest organ, and without it, we can’t stay warm. The deserts in California’s temperatures get to ninty-five degrees in the middle of the day, and twenty-three degrees at night. Normally any person left out in the desert at night would get hypothermia, let alone with no skin. “Do you know if it was a male or female?” When he looked at the body he, or nobody could see any genitalia. “It was a male.” The medical examiner explained. “I don’t know the medical examiner but by further inspection, I realized his penis has been cut off sometime during the murder, and it is nowhere to be found.”


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