The Secret Tunnels of Trinity Hall: The Secret Tunnels of Trinity Hall, Book 1

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I was exhausted and hungry. I went to the cafeteria in the college and ate some food. It was German food of course, sausages, cheese, bread and fruit. I wasn't sure what the other dishes were, so I stuck to what looked edible for my taste. I sat at a table by myself and several moments later a male student sat next to me and introduced himself as Frans. I introduced myself as well. Trying to use the best German accent I had been taught in German class. My teacher would have been proud, because it worked! I was able to carry on a conversation about the current events and school finals that would be coming up soon. He had asked me if I had attended the parade and had commented on how the spirits were high, considering that Hitler was losing the war. I agreed. I didn't dare tell him that by this time tomorrow, Hitler would be dead because he would have taken his own life. After talking to Frans for a while it turned out that he was the nephew of one of Hitler's officers. He asked me if I had wanted to meet Hitler the next day, since he was meeting his uncle for lunch. At first, I was frightened, but then maybe I would have some questions answered and be able to figure out how to return back to my time period. There was a reason I was here and I wasn't yet sure why. After I ate, Frans and I took a walk on the campus. He asked me if I was staying at the college or a youth hostel. I said a youth hostel, he said he would walk me there, which was good, because I had no idea where the nearest one was and he apparently did. When we arrived at the entrance way he stopped and hugged me and said he would pick me up the next day. I went inside the hostel and checked in for a room. I was exhausted. I took a shower and there were clothes in the closet that were left by the previous student who had stayed there, which happened to be female. Lucky me! I fell right to sleep.


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