The Wheelchair Races: Billy's Triumph

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Billy wheeled himself down the corridor at school. The buzzing of the students filled the halls. It was the last week of school before summer break. The eighth graders were going to be graduating that night and in three months starting high school. William Matthew Warner was no different than any other kid at school who would be graduating that night and moving up to the next level in education. Everyone knew him as Billy, but he was not like other kids his age. When school is over, the kids will be outside running about under the warm sun. But Billy couldn't run because he was bound to a wheelchair. Since birth, Billy hadn't been able to walk due to a muscular disorder. The doctors and specialists told his parents that he would be bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Billy had always dreamed of walking and dancing like the other kids, but he knew he would never be able to do that ever. He always envied the other kids who could walk, run and play sports. The big eighth grade dance was in two days and he knew that he would never be able to ask anyone out because he couldn't dance with them. It was no fun to just go to a dance and sit and watch. Billy went over to his bottom locker and his friend Allison was there. Allison had been a friend of Billy's since they were in the first grade together. Allison also lived next to Billy and they had played together as well when they were younger. Now Allison was a cheerleader and was on the volleyball team as the captain. She was a popular girl at school and always had a lot of friends around her.

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