Vintage Metal Slim Dandy Lighter, U.S.S. Dace SSN-607,

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Vintage Metal Slim Dandy Lighter, U.S.S. Dace SSN-607, Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine, Navy, Command Lighter, Made in Japan, Cigarettes, More, Free Shipping in the U.S.

I was in the navy myself from 1982 to 1990, 4 years on a Submarine Tender, USS Proteus AS-19, and the USS David R. Ray DD-971, A Spruance Class Destroyer, and a couple of weeks on the USS Nimitz CVN-68, which was just way too big of a ship for me!  The Destroyer was the funnest, and the Proteus, was mostly in port all the time so we could work on subs.  My 4 years shore duty was at NAS Miramar, VAW-110, an E2C Radar Squadron and Cargo Planes.  I Self Published a book called Navy Fun, I did it in paperback, ebook and audio, just a fun book to listen to if you were in the navy like me.  You don't get the book, just the lighter, the book is available online at regular places that sell books.  I just love collecting navy items to resell but keep until I sell them, the navy ships are my favorite to find!



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