What They Would Do If They Won the Lottery

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I look at the numbers on the screen, then looked at my numbers. “No way.” I said, not realizing I said it out loud until I noticed my friends looking at me.

“What?” Becky said. I saw the smile on her face and realized what they had done. They rigged my card, this was probably just one of the past drawings. They have always made fun of me because I am one of the only girls in the group who plays the lottery with the guys. Even Becky just hangs out.

“Very funny.” I said with a dry smile.

Becky was a very bad actor, her “confused” face was obviously fake. But she kept the act going.


“Come on!” I said as I rolled my eyes. Everyone stared at me, “wondering” what was going on. I handed Becky my card.

“Don’t play dumb with me, I know you guys are just playing with me.”

They all gathered around my card. Her eyes widened. “We didn't do this,” she whispered.
I was starting to believe her. That’s when Joey snatched the card from Becky’s hand and started to run. He was always the “sketchy one” of the group, but I was much faster than Joey and automatically got up and grabbed it right out from his hand.


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