A Celebration of Erotic Massages: Kate Is Open for Business Volume 2

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As soon as Sam opens the door and walks into the room, Kate reaches behind him to slowly close the door, careful not to look at him. Then Kate grabs Sam by the shirt and slams him up against the door. Not hard enough to injure him, of course, just with enough force to let him know that she is the dominant woman in this situation. Kate sees the amusement and a little fear in his eyes before she reaches up and pulls his neck down to her as she kisses Sam deeply and slowly.

Kate could move quickly as they are both already excited for what is coming but she would rather take her time with him. After all, he is paying for this, right? Kate deepens the kiss even more for a moment and lets him explore her body for awhile with his hands but that's the extent of what he is entitled to, for now.

Kate pulls Sam along as she walks backwards towards the massage table and spins him around to sit him down on the edge of the table. Kate straddles his lap and kisses his mouth again, moaning a bit at all the contact. Before things get too heated, however, she pulls away and lifts his shirt over his head. Sam stands up so she can unbutton his pants and slides them to the ground and then she has him lie on his stomach, making sure he is comfortable. His comfort is of the utmost importance here. Kate removes her skirt and blouse and remains in her black thigh high stockings, black six inch stiletto heels, black lace bra and matching black lace panties.


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