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Sarah and Jamie were the best of friends who enjoyed doing everything together. They went shopping together, they ate together, and they even went out to the clubs together.

After they went shopping they decided to go back to Sarah’s place for lunch. That was the perfect opportunity for Jamie to seduce Sarah. At first it started out with playful touching and kissing. Sarah felt awkward at first, but they were friends and what her husband didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. She was accepting of the advances and she even made advances back to her.

When Jamie playfully kissed her and bit her lip, she would kiss her and bite her lip even harder. Jamie pulled off Sarah’s shirt and pulled off her bra to expose her breasts.

Sarah showed Jamie her collection of toys that she had, which she kept hidden from her husband.

“Get on the bed and lie flat on your back” Jamie said to Sarah. The pupils of Sarah’s eyes dilated to the size of nickels as she waited further instructions from Jamie. “Now I want you to kiss me and kiss me like you mean it with forceful biting and tongue” Jamie said.

As Sarah lay there Jamie tied her up loosely with enough rope to move and Sarah just looked at Jamie in amazement. “Now you just need to do nothing but enjoy the thrill of what I am about to do to you. Do you understand Sarah?” Jamie said. Sarah just nodded hesitantly.

1. He Catches Her with Her Best Friend

2. The Two Younger Lesbians Teach the Woman a Lesson

3. She Learns to Be a Lesbian

4. She Spices Things Up By Bringing Home a Master for Him

5. They Turn Him into a French Maid

6. She Makes the Men Perform for Her Amusement

7. She Shows the Two Men to Her Basement

8. Jenny Controls Kyle and Bill for Fun

9. She Drops Her Lesbian Slave off for Some Black Training

10. The Master Couple Help Train the New Asian Maid Gurl into being a Good Toy Servant

11. She is Dropped off for the Night at a New Masters House

12. Two Shemales are Dropped off for Some Training Lessons

13. He Drops His Wife Sammy off for Some Training

14. Sammy is Dropped off Again for Different Training


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