Cruise Ship Exotic Sex Stories

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“No, you’re on a cruise liner in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so I seriously doubt you’re getting home. What you’re doing now is going back to your suite. You do know what suite you’re staying in don’t you?” “Of course I do,” she lied, “how could I not know that we’re on a …..We’re on a boat?” “Wow, you are drunk. Yeah we’re on the cruise, remember the cruise? You signed up and you got a room and we’re all floating around in the ocean like the Love Boat, remember the Love Boat?” Some people were running around, some were passed out right where they lay. Some were dressed, some were half-dressed, and some were completely nude. Some were feeling each other up, some were making out like school kids, and some were outright fornicating right in the hallway. This was one of those parties in which all inhibitions were left at the door and it was do as you please and everything is all good.



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