Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain Volume 2

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I went home and took a long hot bath and prepared myself for her. I wanted my body to be perfect when I undressed this evening. It was as if I was preparing myself for a sacrifice to a goddess. And in a way, I was. When I had determined that I was more than presentable to her, I left my home, got into my car and proceeded on my way over to her house. I was a few minutes early. I looked at my watch and it was 6:57 p.m. I had noticed when I drove up that all the curtains were closed and all the lights were off. It appeared to me that no one was home. After parking my car in her driveway, I got out and walked towards her door. I noticed a paper taped to the door and as I got closer, I noticed large bold letters that read, “COME IN. THE DOOR IS OPEN.” I checked my watch. It was now 6:59. I waited until it was exactly 7:00 and then I opened the door nervously and walked inside. It was completely dark inside. After walking inside more, I noticed a glow from a room near the hallway.


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