Female Erotic Confessions From the Hair Stylists' Chair, Volume 1

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Often times women feel a lot more comfortable opening up to their hairstylist rather than their best friend or therapist on what erotic fantasies they have swimming inside their head. I've been a hairstylist for over 20 years now, and I have had many women share their erotic fantasies with me.

Some are normal, some are out of this world - literally. And some are very sensual and sexy. Many men out there always wonder what women want, like, need, or crave in their sexual lives. Most women are too afraid to tell their boyfriend, husband, or even lover what they need in their sex life or share their most intimate fantasy with them.

Truth of the matter and known fact is that women do masturbate, and we do have sexually driven erotic fantasies that fuel our erotic desires that send us into orgasmic frenzies when we are alone.

Whether it's with another man, women, group, public, voyeurism, or even just downright hardcore carnal sex - our fantasies are out there waiting to be fulfilled.


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