Female Erotic Confessions From the Hair Stylists' Chair Volume 2

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Being a woman in my mid-forties, I had never been married before, had kids or been in any really serious relationships. It wasn't that I wasn't attractive, I was just really picky and more career oriented than anything.

When the neighbors had moved in several years ago, next door to me, I had noticed that they had a teenage son. A very attractive teenage son. I soon became friends with his mother and found that this year he had turned eighteen years old. That was last month.

In the summer time I often lie out by my pool and tan myself a little every day, just to keep a nice golden glow to my skin. I begin to notice that the teenage boy next door, Chad, has been watching me from his bedroom window. So, today, I decide to sunbathe nude in my backyard.

I am lying on my back in my chaise lounge chair with my sunglasses on and I am totally naked. I can see Chad’s bedroom window and I can tell when he is peeping at me. Not ten minutes go by and sure enough I see his curtains open a little and he is there, with binoculars in the window eyeballing me in my nude glory.


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