Journal of a Submissive Husband: Jason's Story Volume 1

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So, here I am, sitting ay my wife’s law firm event party of the year. It is always held in a ballroom at a five-star hotel every year. My wife, Victoria, was a lawyer in a law firm. Not necessarily true, she was one of the partners in one of the biggest law firms in our city, if not state. Her firm handles all sorts of clients from corporations to hospitals to multi-millionaires. Yeah, the big time.

See that beautiful women dressed in the royal blue Versace dress? The one with the long wavy auburn red hair, glowing green eyes, long legs, tight round ass, round but perky breasts and the perfect smile and charm that made any healthy straight man do a double take of her when she walks into a room. Hell, who am I kidding? She can make a gay man do a double take as well.

My wife, men wanted her and women wanted to be her. She carried an air of confidence that the first lady of the U.S.A. would envy. She could work a room like a politician and carry herself gracefully like a queen. In many ways she was a queen. My queen.

She ruled me, our home, everything. We have been married for about ten years now and eight of those ten years I have been her cuckold husband. I used to have it all in the career field. I was a medical professor at a well-known medical school. That is until cutbacks. I was just a year away from tenure, when the axe fell and those of us without tenure were taken off staff and left without employment.

Victoria had been making most of the money anyway, so we, well, actually she decided that it was in her best interest for me to stay at home and remain unemployed and to serve her and be at her beckon call.

Believe it or not though, the whole original cuckold idea came from me. I was surfing the internet one night when Victoria was working late at the office. Or so she says she was. I was on a porn site and there was an advertisement for videos of cuckold husbands.

I had never heard the term “cuckold” before, so naturally, I was curious. I clicked on the banner and it took me into a world I had never known existed. Men with beautiful and dominant women, much like myself, being made to serve them. Most of the men were married to these women and loved living the cuckold lifestyle.

I did more research and realized that this had been a fantasy of mine for quite some time, without actually knowing what is was called. I loved the fact that my wife was the bread winner. That she was the dominant one and that she was the one in control of the finances. Not to mention the fact that she was beautiful and I loved her with all my heart.

I began keeping a journal of my day to day events and the things that happened between my wife and I, things she did to humiliate me and between her and other men and our cuckold lifestyle, in general.

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