Love Me, Hurt Me: A Husband's Tale of His Wife Torturing Him Volume 1

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The sound of metal against cement echoing throughout the basement was an eerie sound, especially when I knew what was causing the noise. As the sound came closer to me, I knew it was her. 

She walked over to a hanging lamp from the ceiling and switched it on. The brightness in my eyes caused me to have blurry vision and temporary blindness and my eyes had to adjust for a minute or two. When they did, it probably would have been better if my eyes were still blurry. 

Standing in front of me was the statuesque body of a woman with long black wavy hair, blue eyes, legs that wouldn’t quit and breasts that were perched upon top of a leather corset. Her waist was cinched and her hips were round. She had an hourglass figure. 

She had a whip that was round in a circle on a clasp on her corset that dangled. If I blinked my eyes a little and while they were focusing, she was a reminiscing figure of a childhood hero that I had once admired, Wonder Woman. But, this woman was not here for good. No, she was here to cause pain and torture to me, at any cost. The woman was my wife. Yes, most husbands have a loving wife, but mine was scorned. 

She wasn’t always this way. No, in fact, we once had a loving relationship. She actually cooked me dinner, did my laundry and made love to me when I got home from work. It was a marriage made in heaven, by any standards. That is, until I let my libido get the best of me. I had never planned on sleeping with my secretary. I know, it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth. 

Me and my secretary were at the office late one night working and she came into my office wearing some skimpy little lingerie thing. 

“You make me an executive in your company, or I tell your wife we are having an affair.” She said one morning to me while she was taking notes in my office. 

The little skank went straight to my wife and told her everything after she quit in the middle of the day. You can imagine what I came home to that night. That was two weeks ago.

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