Married Wives Who Are Too Hot For Just One Man Volume 1 Thru 4

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You can get all 30 stories in this special edition of Volume 1 thru 4 of hot wife's, cheating wife's, interracial, and much more!

1. Housewife Can’t Get Enough Sex

2. Tied Up and Forced to Listen

3. Jennifer Turns Her Husband into Her Maid

4. Hot Wife Gets a New Bikini to Show Off In

5. Rent Due So the Wife Must Pay

6. They Rent His Wife for the Weekend

7. Jennifer Invites Her Boss to Her Home

8. She Enjoys Writing Her After Sex Story to Her Husband

9. Meeting More than Her Husband at the Hotel

10. A Little Public Display at the Mall

11. A Quick Meeting at the Coffee Shop

12. She Loves the Fun of Having a Secret Lover

13. A little Sexual Game during the Game tonight

14. Charmaine Turns Her Husband into the Neighbors Maid
15. The Weekend I Played with an Older Man

16. Another Naughty Trip Out of Town

17. She Secretly Loves to Be Tied Up

18. She Gets a New Tattoo of Her Lovers Name

19. Wife Decides She Wants a Part Time Lover

20. A Couple is confused by 2 Waitresses

21. Her New Leather Panties

22. Wife Makes Husband Find a Bull

23. The Mature Hot wife Who Lived Next Door

24. She Makes Her Husband Wear It for Her

25. Hubby Got Tied Up for Some Fun

26. Her Personal Trainer

27. My True Story

28. She Keeps Losing Her Panties

29. A Hot wife that falls in Love

30. They Agree to Spice up Their Sex Life


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