Mistress Finds Two New Lesbian Subs

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Karen was in her late 40's but kept herself up very well. She could easily compete with the young 20-something year olds out there. But, her knowledge and elegance, just the way she carried herself with confidence, made her rise above those young, tight 20 year olds. She had been in the dominatrix business since her 20's and even though she had quite a nice list of clientele, she was always searching for more and for more ways to please her clients.  

“Make sure you kiss every spot...I'd be insulted if you missed something.” 
“Yes Mistress.” 
1. Breaking in a New Submissive 
2. Her New Neighbors 
3. Blackmail is Served 
4. Their First Time 
5. The Girls Debut 
6. “Lights, Camera, Action!”


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