One Heart, Two Men: When a Woman Falls In Love With 2 Men

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Several years ago, I remember watching a movie on one of those movie of the week channels about a girl who had fallen in love with two men. I never thought it would be possible to do that, until it happened to me personally. I mean, how much love could one person actually have for one man, let alone two?

When I had met James, I hadn't been in a relationship in quite some time. Before James, I was in a long term committed relationship with Edward for eight years, but towards the end, I found out just how committed he was. He had been cheating on me for half our relationship. I guess I was the only one committed there.

When I came home one night from work, we had been living together for about two years at that point, I could smell a ladies perfume… and it wasn't mine. I was supposed to work late that night, but had decided to call it a day and surprise Edward by coming home early because I had been putting in a lot of hours at work and I knew I had been neglecting him. Guess who got the surprise?

Yep. Me. I walked into our bedroom where Edward and some girl were in our bed going at it with moaning and screams… the works. It was the last thing I suspected and you can say that I was shocked and stunned and well, speechless. Until the girl had her nerve to ask me, “Who the hell are you?”

Her words set me off and I lunged towards her and began to pull her hair.

Edward, with little loyalty there was left for me, pulled me off and told the girl to go home. She mumbled some words as Edward held me back and put her clothes on and as she was walking out the door she looked at me and grinned, “Maybe if you were pleasing him, he wouldn't have to go elsewhere.” It took every ounce of strength Edward had to hold me back. At that point, I would have probably gouged the girl’s eyes out.

The skank left our apartment and Edward let me go. “What the hell Edward?!” I yelled at him in tears. More tears of anger than of sadness. I was pissed off and rightfully so.

Edward just hung his head, as all guys do when they have been caught cheating. “I’m sorry Rachel.”

“Sorry for what? That you were caught?” I yelled at him.

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