Recipe for Fun: One Dominant Male and Two Submissive Males

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When it comes to submissive behavior, I get so overly excited when talking to a man, especially when it is sexual talk and commands to follow certain types of orders. Whether it is verbal or physical, I have a tendency to lean towards the submissive side, always. Maybe it was because my boyfriend was so dominant over me, that he trained me well to obey his every command, that and his lover’s. I had been with Mark when he decided to take on another lover beside myself. When Roger came into the picture, I was pushed back to the burner of the proverbial sexual stove. The fire between us had diminished, well extinguished if you really want to get technical and stay with the whole “fire” motif. I had caught them in bed together one night after coming home from work. I heard the moans and groans and recognized them as Mark’s. But, Roger’s were alien to me at the time and I felt a pit in my stomach.

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