The 100 Foot Erotic Bombshell

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James was a scientist in a top-secret laboratory. The lab he had built and was working diligently in for years was located in the mountains of Colorado. No one suspected that there was a lab located there and when it was being built, he was very discreet about it. Only a handful of people knew about the lab and no one knew of his experiments he was conducting. Which for James was good, but at this moment, was bad, because he had no one to come and help save him.

James� family was very wealthy and the money to support his experiments financed the lab and all his expenses. He had been dreaming of building this lab for years. He wanted to create the perfect woman, but somehow and somewhere, something went terribly wrong.

He had succeeded in building the perfect woman. She was a bombshell. She was beautiful, intelligent and sexy� but she was also 100 feet tall! Where did he go wrong? James wondered as he fought for his life.

James had bought fetuses on the black market and cloned them and used their stem cells for his experiments and research. He had only used fetuses that came from the perfect DNA. He had written all his formulas down in books, which he had stacked in piles in his office lab.

He had set up a computer program to help generate the right formulas and growth hormone levels to add to the fetuses and injected them with the growth hormones to make them grow quicker and faster.

Some of the fetuses didn't make it, due to the hormone growth serum being too much and too quickly accelerated. Others began to grow and grow and then would reach a certain height and then die in their sleep.

But not with Amber, she had survived the growth hormones and was ready for the final phase. James was up late one night when the breakthrough finally came. He had found the perfect formula, one that he had miscalculated so many times, which resulted in the death of the fetus.

James keyed in his formulas into the computer, but what he hadn't realized and wouldn't realize until it was far too late, was that he mistakenly punched in a decimal point into the wrong place!

Instead of .20 he had keyed in 20. Which happened to be the amount of growth hormones he needed to inject into the female fetus. He then used the formula he had mistakenly keyed in and administered the 20cc�s of growth hormones, twenty times the amount, instead of the .20 that he was supposed to. He then went to bed and during the night, as he was sleeping, Amber began to grow and grow and grow and grow. Within a week Amber was a 100 foot woman!


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