The Adventures of Lesbians in Public Volume 1 thru 3

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The Adventures of Lesbians in Public Volume 1 thru 3 Volume 1 Rachel is a wickedly kinky girl , who catches her best friend Michelle playing with her boyfriend, and she wants to teach her a lesson! Rachel had planned this out all along! Rachel loves to take girls she tricks, out into public! She loves to make them do things they don't really want to do, but they don't have a choice, and have to do it for her! Volume 2 This is the continuation story, of where Rachel had tied up Michelle on a park bench in the park, and Sarah found her tied up! Sarah meets Rachel, and ends up being dominated by Rachel, along with Michelle, and they are dominated together! Rachel makes the girls go out in public and do different sexual acts in public! Volume 3 Becky will be joining the adventures of lesbians in public, but not of her own choosing. She belongs and lives with an older Asian woman, who is boarder line sadistic. She likes to be called Princess Velvet.


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