The Lesbian Dating Murders

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Beth is a beautiful blond girl whose parents pass away, and she must move to a new town, and live with her Aunt Teresa, a professional Madam. Here Aunt Teresa runs a lesbian brothel for secret wealthier older rich woman only.

Beth is placed into the family business, and Beth becomes a powerhouse! he expands the business and moves it forward into the future and makes a ton of money doing it.

Beth gets so involved in her work, and her unstoppable lust for other woman! She can not control herself, and she ends up killing some of them with her passion and bondage! She just can't control herself, and now she has a bigger problem, the cops are after her now!

Beth enjoys her adventures of light torture and discipline of rich older woman with to much time, money and wicked fantasies in their little heads, but that is the business that turned her into a Goddess.

One of the woman that was killed in the heat of bondage and passion, was a lesbian detective, and the department will not stop until they find her killer!

Beth will go out of her way to save one of her lesbian lovers that she has fallen in love with, and will not stop at anything to get her back. She plans on getting her back and trying to leave the country with her, to avoid the cops and prison!


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