The Lesbians Teach the Older Woman How to Be A Lesbian

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This is a fun story about three lesbians who live together. It is fun to listen to, it starts out with a guy that really wants one of the lesbians so bad, he will do just about anything to be with one of them, so one of the girls offers him a deal. If he can be a girl, he will get one of them to play with!

One of the girls has an older female relative come visit them for a few days, and she is not nice at all. The girls decide to send one of the girls out of the house for the day, while the other 2 teach the older mean woman a valuable lesson in being nice. That is when the fun begins!

The guy that wanted one of the lesbians, gets more than he bargained for, and they are nice and keep their end of the bargain, only after he feels what it is like to be a lesbian!


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