The Showgirl's Play Toys: She Has a Strong Sex Drive

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I stepped out of the shower and Jeremy was standing in my bathroom waiting for me with a nice soft warm fluffy towel, right out of the dryer, just like I loved them. He wrapped the towel around me and dried the water off my naked body. I had just taken a long hot shower and my body felt invigorated. Jeremy was my assistant and sometimes lover, when I needed him. He did everything I told him to do. He worshiped me, so to speak. “Dry my back really good.” I said to him. “Last time you missed a couple of spots and my dress had a water spot on the back and we can’t have that now, can we?” I liked things to be perfect and sometimes, I could be a bitch about it when I wanted to be. I was a dancer for one of Las Vegas’ top dance shows. Yes, I was a showgirl. I've been playing the lead for a long running show, so my face was everywhere. I had men throwing themselves at me because of my beauty.



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