These Lesbian Cops Love to Pull Sexy Women Over

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1. Jenna Gets Pulled Over by a Lesbian Cop 2. Officer Anna Just Loves Pulling Over Sexy Women 3. She Makes Her Spread Out on the Hood 4. Sexy Blonde Gets Pulled Over by Sammy 5. Large Black Female Cop Loves Pulling Over Blondes 6. Blonde Cop Dana Pulls Over Asian Woman Lilly 7. Female Motorcycle Cop Pulls Mandy Over Mandy swore under her breath as she pulled over. As soon as she stopped, she started pawing desperately through her purse for her license. The bike cop pulled up behind her and dismounted; she didn't need to see the woman's face to know she was a bitch that meant business. It was in her build, her movement, her everything. She was all uniform and boots and helmet; she was not to be messed with. By the time the officer made it to Mandy's window, the woman was fumbling with the catch for the glove box. While the uniformed figure outside watched impassively, the box popped open and a torrent of papers and other odds and ends spilled out.


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